With greater connectivity, shifting economic conditions and social trends evolving in new and diverse ways, the ability to stay centred, focused, well and productive amid the noise is becoming increasingly difficult for people in positions of responsibility, visibility, influence and ownership. The need to make clear, confident decisions and progress while living full and rich personal lives can require trusted support. While structured, paced development programs can be useful, the ability to be sharp and responsive in the moment and deal with issues and opportunities as they arise can benefit from a retained, access-as-you-go, partnership. Retainers accelerate and improve both business and personal outcomes because of responsiveness and access to knowledge, insights and strategic coaching ‘in-the-moment’.


A CEO of an established international product firm was facing cash-flow challenges, changes in company ownership, critical negotiations, geographically dispersed teams, shareholding disputes, market positioning concerns and under-serviced major clients. They were in the last stages of finalising a divorce and dealing with personal health concerns. Through a 12 month retained partnership they were able to make significant progress personally and professionally and achieve significant turn-arounds. Knowing strategic support was there, whenever needed, brought confidence to make much-needed changes, to innovate and re-focus.

What We've Achieved

  • Secured Ownership and Control of Critical Key Company Resource

  • Company rebrand and New market positioning

  • Client retention strategy executed to save major clients

  • Growth Strategy developed honouring Clients Linking Company Growth to Client Growth (they grow and flourish, then company does too)

  • Shareholding and Company restructure finalise

  • Vision, Values and Culture created

  • Built business strategy and business model knowledge base

  • Leadership and spiritual development

  • Personal resilience and strengths-based insights

  • Improved health outcomes

  • Successfully Negotiated Remote CEO Experience, working and travelling with other strategists and innovators to develop international networks and connections while running and building a  business

  • Made significant progress towards dream of building business with social impact