Invest in a Retained Partnership

An independent, judgement-free, space you can access wherever you are and whenever you need it. A dedicated 4 or 12 month all-inclusive partnership with an experienced performance and strategic coach. Retained partnerships are the difference that makes all the difference. A partnership committed to you, your needs and your aspirations. With your best interests at heart, holistically.



Emerging leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs with a clear vision for the future benefit from a retained partnership to move to the ‘next level’ of accomplishment and achievement. For determined, aspirational clients who are ready to to take their life and work beyond where they are now.



Experienced and established leaders with visibility and responsibility within organisations choose retained partnerships for the flexibility and confidence it brings to make the strategic changes, navigate challenges and seize opportunities, with professional support at hand.



Leaders, brands and businesses often face unique, and at times, lonely, roads to growth, development and making an impact in the world. With both visibility and responsibility, internally and externally to the general public retained partnerships are powerful and empowering.


Retainer Partnerships Dedicated strategic coach
Unlimited sessions and support
4 month and 12 month partnerships
All inclusive, powerful & unique program experiences


choose a retainer

Invest in a 4 or 12 month retained partnership to achieve, grow and transform in as many areas of your working and personal life as you’d like to in one year. Benefit from the confidence of knowing you have a professional guide, advisor and coach available, on-call.


develop a powerful strategy

Once you’ve chosen your retainer partnership we’ll work through a clear and powerful plan around the outcomes and development you’ll achieve in our work together. Making sure it is meaningful, energising and empowering.


clarify, navigate & achieve

Together, you will grow and develop the capacity and capabilties to create unique and empowering results. With focused support to navigate complexity and challenge and make clear confident decisions. With access to expertise to maximise opportunities that engage and empower.