Since 2007, we have been refining and developing strategic frameworks and tools to enhance the working and personal lives of individuals in visible positions of responsibility and ownership. Supporting them, their organisations and brands to permanently build skills, strategies and capabilities that allow them to maximise the impact they have in the world. Together, co-creating new pathways and achieving outcomes that enhance and protect their reputational, financial, physical and emotional health. At the forefront of strategic coaching we continue to merge and blend the best of emerging trends and break-through methodologies with traditional strategies that have stood the test of time.



John* had been working in the London financial district for some years, making a fortune along the way. He longed to return to Australia with his partner, start a family and build businesses of high value here, do some work he could be proud of and perhaps even start a legacy for future generations. He had no trouble finding a powerful role with high visibility and responsibility in a company and industry about to explode with growth, but not without complex challenges to be navigated. To get the business well positioned to flourish John had to make significant changes not only to the structure of the business but to his entire approach to the people he was leading and working with. Working with numbers and finance, negotiating deals and making trades, had left little time to develop an empowering leadership style or the ability to persuade and influence others when money wasn’t a key driver or negotiation tool.

What We've Achieved

  • Assessed existing strategies and approaches to influence and negotiation, acknowledging strengths and expertise.

  • Co-created a pathway for leveraging strategic skills in a sustainable and productive way and a plan for developing capability in gap areas

  • Developed emotional and social intelligence to open up new, powerful, ways of interacting and engaging with others that didn’t drain energy

  • Created a compelling personal vision for the future based around rewarding and enriching relationships and legacy values while honoring personal needs and values

  • Developed and implemented a plan to re-position the company to retain talent and attract people aligned with the culture and renewed business vision

  • Identified critical success factors transitioning teams of people through change where they feel empowered

  • Explored new concepts of spirituality, the power of being in service to others, integrity and growth

  • Successful re-structure and transition with workforce realignment. Leadership presence and symbolic leadership enhanced.

  • Mapped a new, holistic, and personalised success formula that builds towards the desired legacy