Entrepreneurship and Innovation has facilitated a rapid increase in engagement in high-risk, high-reward venture development and growth. People are keen to build and create businesses of lasting-value they can divest or remain in as part of working life legacy. The urge to direct our own lives, desire to develop our skills towards mastery and yearning to do something more with our lives may be behind this. In addition the financial rewards, and losses, can be significant. Not to mention the health and wellbeing of all involved. Business ventures can be all-consuming at the best of times, none more-so during establishment and growth phases. What happens when a business needs a change in leadership and direction to succeed?



A group of founders were gaining significant momentum locally and globally as their venture solved a significant social and financial challenge faced by an under-served and over-looked market who were evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Significant investment was on the horizon. The capability, capacity and desire of the Founding Directors were being challenged as opportunity knocked, bringing key strategic decisions and risks. Passionate and healthy disagreements were turning into agitated and unproductive conflict. The indecision and lack of progress added further pressure and volatility to the business, to the point key stakeholders were beginning to distance themselves. Through an Immersive experience they were able to move through the paralysis and stagnation and re-invigorate their enthusiasm for the venture. Clarity of direction was achieved and the talent needed to make the venture a success was clarified. The Business was found to be legally and financially structured in a way that would prevent growth and the vision coming to fruition and conflict on how to solve this dilemma was growing. Timing had become critical and changes need to be made quickly.

What We've Achieved

  • Aligned personal needs and goals with organisational outcomes.

  • Brief, confidential sessions with each owner to clarify views, beliefs, concerns and perspectives on venture direction and growth

  • A facilitated Immersive Experience where all parties were engaged, heard and openly able to discuss their hopes and aspirations for the venture as well as next steps

  • The capacity, capability and desire of  Directors to offer the venture what it needed was  respectfully, willingly and openly discussed. Risk and Trust were also considered.

  • A new business structure was outlined, with a clear strategy.

  • The existing business model was mapped and innovated.

  • A Director,  through the immersion session, considering the needs of the business came to the realisation and agreement they were holding the venture back from getting through the next stage of growth and respectfully decided to step down.

  • The transition and terms for the Founding Director were negotiated and agreed on.

  • Realignment of social and commercial outcomes to be achieved by the venture took place

  • Stakeholders contacted to confirm renewed commitment, changes and strategic direction