Our experience and expertise crosses domains of psychology and coaching, economics and business, innovation and disruption, spirituality and education. We work across industry and have supported agri-businesses, politicians, sportspeople and sporting organisations. We have developed and designed innovation, leadership and business tools and programs and supported visible stakeholders working with submarines, olympians, media platforms, policy and beyond.



National Media Organisation - Transitioning to a new area of digitisation. Partnership Brief - Support Senior Leaders to transition the National Organisation with over 3000 employees to a completely new structure, way of doing business using less resources in a highly visible, topical and challenging public environment. As a long-term partner this project followed other partnership projects with the organisation supporting them with key incidents and challenges.

What We've Achieved

  • Sounding Board for critical issues and incidents as they arose

  • Debriefing of documentation

  • Supported new, innovative thinking and strategic behaviours

  • Created global networks, insights and best practice

  • Enhanced the reputation, perception and brand of visible leaders with significant financial, political and personnel responsibility

  • Honored the values, beliefs and needs of Senior Leaders

  • Developed new thinking ,skills and abilities in leadership, influence and negotiation with integrity

  • Brought disruptive thinking to traditional approaches to accelerate and improve outcomes

  • Make unpopular decisions with integrity in the best interest of the business and it’s health moving forward