Partnerships with individual clients can be brief or long-term with clients often working with us on a timely opportunity or challenge initially and then returning as needed. Retainers have become more popular as roles with visibility and responsibility become more isolating and complex, knowing a confidential partner is available throughout a phase of development, transformation or growth to navigate challenges is extremely empowering. Initial Discovery Session establish and confirm rapport and ‘fit’ and then an initial strategy session is followed by a development program, check-in sessions, retainer or intensive. Clients may be making personal investments of being sponsored by their organisation.



Given the frameworks and tools to create fresh thinking and new perspectives we have the ability to see more clearly the options available to us. Through a logical, well-structured process we can begin to see the true potential within our options. The human brain needs help to process ideas and options efficiently and effectively with techniques that give us choice and the ability to focus and make powerful decisions.


To see the profound potential in each and every client and be part of the impact that can make for the benefit of themselves and those around them is a privilege. Through a strengths-based, solutions framework the quality of our output and ease improves dramatically.

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Through challenge and adversity comes opportunity for growth. With increasingly complex working environments and diverse ways of living is a need for simplicity and pathways forward that empower and enliven.