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Welcome to the sister company of Coach & Co - PARKER.

At PARKER we partner with agile enterprises and unique small businesses to innovate their business models and gain control over the direction and growth of their ventures. We turn-around, uplift and re-invigorate good ventures who have stalled, gone down the wrong path or want to accelerate progress. We also work with ventures experiencing growth and the volatility that comes with it.
OUR STORY so far...
We having been working with founders and owners since 2007 using our strategic business and innovation methods to work with only the most committed partners on what is most urgent and significant to them, and their businesses.
We established PARKER to channel value directly into businesses, products and opportunities drawing satisfaction and the sense of accomplishment that comes from solving complex business, product and brand challenges in partnership with unique and committed partners, while Coach & Co continues to deliver value to people.
Watch this space as we share more insights into how we've been bringing a fresh take on business improvement, management consulting and advisory services - PARKER: strategy, and different.
'unable to see the forest for the trees' defintion 'so involved in the details and day-to-day you are unable to see the situation or observe it as a whole to improve it'  'can't see the whole situation (the entire forest) clearly because you're too closely involved (caring for the trees)'
PARKER definition 'keeper of the forest'
 We partner with founders and owners working hard inside their ventures (caring for the 'trees') to ensure they have the knowledge, clarity, plans and processes needed for their whole business to flourish the entire 'forest'), in any conditions. We partner with them, you, to help utilise strategies effectively to ensure managed growth and effective 'pruning' when needed. We keep an eye on your 'forest' while you nurture the 'trees' within it.
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