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Coach & Co. uses the principles of the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model as a basis to measure the effectiveness of our Coaching programs.

Measurement pursues the following process:

Level 1: Reaction

To what degree participants react favourably to the coaching

Measurement: Anecdotal feedback from participant

Level 2: Learning

To what degree participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, attitudes, confidence, and commitment based on their participation in coaching

Measurement:       On-line Surveys

Level 3: Behaviour

To what degree participants apply what they learned during coaching

Measurement:       Statistical Analysis of pre and post coaching surveys

Level 4: Results

To what degree targeted outcomes occur as a result of the training event and subsequent reinforcement

Measurement:       360˚ Feedback, Review of KPI’s

Level 5: Measurable Return on Investment (ROI)

To what degree coaching has had an impact on the organisation’s performance as a whole

Measurement:       ROI study on impact on revenue and/or cost savings

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