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Coaching: Taking the Guesswork out of Retention

Recent results from Leadership Management Australia's L.E.A.D. Survey reveal the following statistics:

  • 30% of staff feel their employer has done very little, or nothing, to reassure them about the future of their organisation
  • Only 43% have high confidence about their job security
  • 42% of employees have considered looking for a job in  another organisation
Startling statistics for any organisation striving to minimise the costs and disruption associated with staff turnover.


Resilience: Stress Hardiness & Strength

“Success and significance is determined by the size of the problems you're capable of solving". Anon

"Our success and significance does not come from the circumstances we find ourselves in but comes from the choices we make. Make choices that inspire your heart, nurture your brain and nourish your soul". Nido Qubien

With economic uncertainty continuing, it's a great time to test our tools of emotional fitness. Tony Robbins has helped people reach their potential for three decades and believes if you're psychologically strong enough you can not only survive external circumstances such as these but you can thrive. So rather than letting the environment control you and take over, it's really about mastering strength within yourself so you can conquer the outer world around you.

Performance: The Science of Achievement + The Art of Fulfilment

"It is much more dificult to measure non-performance than measure performance".
Harold S. Geenan

Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains it's own seed, it's own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time". Malcolm X

Managing underperformance in an open, respectful and honest way isn't as easy as it sounds - it doesn't even sound easy to most of us. No-one wants to underperform. No-one enjoys addressing performance issues. It can be stressful, painful, embarrassing and does little for the self confidence of anyone involved when not handled well. The under-performance dilemma needs a fresh solution.


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